Convenience, speed, and certainty are what has led many people to deal with cash house buyers. These are real estate investors that offer cash for your house. While dealing with a cash house buying company has proven to be quite fruitful and convenient for many people. Be advised though, that you need to find and deal with the right buyer; otherwise, you may end up wasting more time than you could have should you have dealt with a real estate agent in the first place. The most important step would be to verify and ascertain they are a genuine cash house buying company. How?

First and foremost, no genuine cash house buying company will ask for any upfront payments. These are not brokers, neither are they house buyers looking to buy and live in that house. These are real estate investors looking for a lucrative opportunity to buy a house, renovate it and sell at a higher price. Should you find a buyer that claims they can buy your house on the condition you make an upfront payment in the name of "processing fee," you should walk away and look for another buyer.

Secondly, no genuine cash house buying company will ask you to make renovations to your existing house. In other words, you can sell your home to Imperial Restoration LLC as ugly as it is with those broken pipes and cracked walls. Why? Because they will renovate it, add new and modern fixtures so they can sell it at a much better price. More often than not, they will pay at least 15% of the current market value of your house, with the 15% covering any repairs that ought to be made. This is actually a win for you, considering the repairs may cost more money and time and probably you are in dire need of cash. Click here for more:

Third and most importantly, no genuine cash house buying company will ask you to sign a "lock-in" contract an "RX1" form or an "option agreement." The reason for this is because it is a free market, willing buyer willing seller. Signing these documents that are legally binding may mean committing to an agreement, and the buyer has no cash. This locks you into that agreement as they look for cash to buy your house. God knows how long that will take. A genuine buyer should have cash ready and even have proof of cash when asked to show proof. Read more on this link:
Is it a Genuine Real Estate Cash House Buying Company?
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